Wazir.C is India’s first international luxury apparel brand that seamlessly merges traditional Kashmiri art with western outfit styles. Conceived at the heart of Kashmir, the brand envisions reviving the dying handicraft form and refashioning the same to meet the contemporary woman’s needs for ease, panache and versatility.

Every ensemble is delicately handcrafted by women artisans from the hamlets of Kashmir, each motif is poetry woven onto the fabric. A spill of the Kashmiri grandeur – Wazir.C redefines the evergreen feminine while revealing the gold and glory of a heritage lost to conflict.

Our intent is to craft and deliver modern, high quality clothing to a global clientele while empowering the woman artisan in Kashmir as she retells the symbolic maple in our newest designs.

Let’s explore the inimitable and indulge in the unforgettable.



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